Understands the key players needed to help create the most beneficial plan as seniors age.

  • Supports and facilitates decisions for a senior’s well-being and safety
  • Liaises between the healthcare system, client, and family
  • Coordinates appointments with doctors, legal advisors, and financial consultants


Arranges the safest and most functional plan.

  • Designs a proactive plan to accommodate a senior’s aging process
  • Creates a detailed care plan outlining day-to-day needs
  • Oversees and coordinates ancillary services for seniors


Gathers and understands a senior’s goals to create the most realistic and effective care plan  and quality of life.

  • Conducts and assesses a senior’s physical, mental, and emotional health
  • Analyzes a senior’s current living situation (ex: living at home, in a skilled nursing, independent, assisted, or memory care facility)
  • Suggests adaptations or equipment that improves safety
  • Explores and discusses whether a caregiver is needed and how to go about finding the right person to match your needs


Provides knowledge and expertise to make the best decisions for an individual.

  • Guides families through tough conversations and advises on decisions to give seniors their best quality of life
  • Provides recommendations for end-of-life services, hospice, and supplies to ensure comfort
  • Aligns resources and education pertaining to senior care options

Crisis Management

Manages and Mediates highly emotional and acute situations.